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And Now, a Popsicle CSA from Six Strawberries

Boxes of, um, holiday-flavored popsicles could arrive as early as October.

By Nidhi Chaudhry August 8, 2014

Popsicles in winter. Why not? Photo via Six Strawberries

Faced with the prospect of leaving fans bereft and craving their favorite ice on a stick at the end of this summer's farmers market season, Six Strawberries is starting an artisan ice pop CSA. (Wait, shouldn't that be a CSP?)

Vanessa Ressler, who co-owns the bicycle-cart-peddled ice pop company with Will Lemke, took inspiration from the all-around surge in subscription-based businesses, from beauty proucts to dog treats to natural healthy foods, and certainly the original farmer-based CSA. "I thought that's an interesting way to get product out to people that want them while we don't have a store front, which is the biggest challenge for us, being a mobile business."

It'll work just like a typical CSA — you sign up for a membership for a small, medium, or large box and once a month you pick it up at a central location. But a lot is still on the drawing board. The Six Strawberries partners haven't settled on pricing. They don't know what pick-up location they're going to use. And they're still working on "all sorts of brand new winter flavors that we've never made before to go with the holidays." Current experiments involve things like pumpkin pie, peppermint, "something ginger-bread-y," and cranberry.

What they do know for sure is that the CSA goes live in October, right after the end of the farmers market season and subscriptions are likely to start in September. Follow all the developments on Six Strawberries' Facebook Page.

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