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6 Dishes to Eat (or Drink) When You're Sick

As they say, starve a fever, feed a cold—and feed it well.

By Meredith Barrett January 22, 2014

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Everyone knows that chicken noodle and pho (with lots of sriracha) help get rid of the sore throat and constant nose-blowing blues of the cold season, but you shouldn't have to limit yourself to soups when you're under the weather. From smoothies to salads, here's what to eat—and why—to get you healthy quick:

Smooth Orange Ginger smoothie at Evolution Fresh
With loads of orange juice, pineapple, carrots, papaya, and mango, there is no doubt this smoothie is packed with Vitamin C. And for that extra kick, the crew has added a touch of ginger to the mix to get you healthy in no time. Ginger is a powerful antioxidant that helps treat sore throats, inflamed membranes, and pretty much everything that comes along with the common cold—there’s nothing this bad boy can’t handle.

Oyster Tang at Miyabi 45th
Take your sinuses on a ride and proceed with caution. It contains chili pepper that will help clear those sinus membranes (we recommend having a few tissues in hand). The oysters also have an alarming amount of zinc, which seems to reduce the duration of colds and rebuild damaged tissues. Simply said, this bowl is kryptonite.

Grilled Pacific NW King Salmon at Ray’s Café
Hail to the omega-3 fatty acids. This plate will help reduce harmful inflammation in the body. The carrot and ginger sauce drizzled on top acts as a double whammy with its zestful vitamin powers. Ask for a lemon slice for that citrus bonus.

Mama Africa salad at Plum Bistro
This Vegan-happy spot has plenty of options that will help get you back on your feet. The fruit-avocado-quinoa medley will not only make your mouth happy but also make you feel better in no time. Protein is extremely important when trying to get over the hump of a cold and quinoa is a great alternative to meat—no wonder the Incas worshipped this stuff.

Aglio Stracotto at Il Corvo
There’s only one word you need to know about the dish: garlic. And lots of it. This clove contains a high amount of antioxidants that are essential for fighting a cold. It’s referred to as “over-cooked garlic,” meaning this is the dish to eat when you know you’re coming down with something. Perfect comfort food.

Herbal Tea Blend at Zoka Coffee Roasters and Tea Company
Grandma is right—tea is the best thing for when you’ve got the sniffles. All teas naturally have cold-fighting factors and they help soothe a sore throat and break up chest congestion. Try a cup of this blend containing licorice root, hibiscus, and lemon, a great mix for when you need a boost. Add some honey to the pot and not only will it make the brew sweeter but kill bacteria in your throat.


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