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Ranking Seattle's Tourist Traps

From the Space Needle to Smith Tower, just how cheesy are the city's biggest attractions?

By Allison Williams March 23, 2023

Break out the big cameras and guidebooks, we charted Seattle's most popular attractions by considering cheese factor and suitability for locals. Fortunately we love even our silliest icons.

Images: Frank Lee / iStock (Great Wheel); Frankie WO / shutterstock.com (Troll), Brian Logan / iStock (Museum of Pop Culture), Caio / Pexels (Space Needle), Brian Logan Photography / shutterstock.com (Chihuly), Sergii Figurnyi / shutterstock.com (Smith Tower, SAM), 400Tmax / istock (Mohai, Ballard, Pike Place), Nadezda Zavitaeva / shutterstock.com (sculpture park), gregobagel / iStock (Pacific Science Center), BSPollard / iStock (Aquarium), Tim Griffith (SAAM), Chona-Kasinger (Cemetery)

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