Everything Old Is New

7 Antique Stores to Seek Out in Snohomish

The postcard-perfect town offers the ideal ramble through cool old stuff.

By Allison Williams September 24, 2019 Published in the October 2019 issue of Seattle Met

► Population: 10,089 Location: 0.75 hours from Seattle

Worthy Home

On the west end of First Street sits Worthy Home (360-568-9990), a classic example of the Everett-adjacent town’s new identity: cozy stores hawking homewares and bygone-era treasures like hand-painted blue-and-white Dutch Delft crockery exuding grandma chic.

Annie's on First

With as much new stuff as old, Annie’s on First (360-568-4242) tempts with leather feather-shaped earrings, but a pair of red leather Laredo cowboy boots in the window offers a prime example of how antiquing can just be an excuse to hunt vintage clothes.

Antique Warehouse

Cross the street to Antique Warehouse (360-568-7590) for a peek at a whimsical $995 gilded panel from the 1903 Woodland Park Carousel, and a coin-operated Ride the Champion horse figure.

Retreat Interiors

An old-thing reprieve: Retreat Interiors transformed an airy two-story storefront into a plant shop, complete with a build-your-own-terrarium bar. The spreads of tiny succulents are an arid splash of life on this avenue of collectibles.

Victoria Village

Now this is your classic antique mall. Victoria Village (360-568-4913) is two floors crammed with tagged oddities, like a bivalve clam fossil found in Madagascar. A green woven three-piece Hawkeye picnic hamper tempts from near the door, but the shelves in back hide the creepy finds. The disembodied doll head purchase was inevitable, right?

Sweet Bee

Amid the used decor shops, the occasional new-swag boutique, like Sweet Bee (360-243-9196), feels like the inside of a scented candle and attempts to convince buyers that 16 ounces of natural, vegan laundry powder is worth $14.

Remember When Antique Mall

Back to the treasure hunt at Remember When Antique Mall (360-568-0757), with shelves of ceramic salt and pepper shakers ($3 per set!) and red pleather luggage labeled an “Amelia Earhart Suitcase.” Fur coats are cheaper than you’d think, a knee-length pettable overcoat from longtime Seattle mainstay Trippy’s priced at only $95.

Bonus Round: Snohomish Bakery

You’ve reached the end of First Avenue, a few old knickknacks richer and hopefully without too many doll heads. Such an accomplishment deserves a treat; the aroma of fresh-baked chocolate croissants at Snohomish Bakery flushes any remaining dust or mustiness from the small-town air.

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