One might say this is the cover that social media made. I contacted outdoor adventure photographer Dylan Furst when our associate art director, Sara D’Eugenio, pointed out his road-trip-inspiring work on Instagram (@fursty). Next we needed the car: Enter Shaun McCrain, former chef at the Book Bindery and friend of a Facebook friend who owns a beautifully restored 1971 International Scout. One Saturday in August, McCrain drove the vintage SUV to a site near North Bend. Adventure Ready founder Tom Hession-Herzog shared his company’s ultra-convenient rooftop tent and gear. To find models, we used our old-school social network to recruit our intrepid advertising coordinator, Elizabeth Loori, and longtime friend of Seattle Met Drew Dambreville, who deejayed at the magazine’s launch party nearly 10 years ago. As for the canine...talent—I use that term loosely—I looked no further than my own couch, which strictly speaking is off limits to Watson McGillicuddy the coonhound. I’m happy to say he was the only diva present, and for that I blame his father. —Jane Sherman, Seattle Met art director 

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