spent the better part of a long winter in my early 20s devouring Twin Peaks. I was so smitten that, when I moved from Minnesota to Seattle, one of the first trips I took was to nearby North Bend and Snoqualmie to see the real cafe and the waterfall. So, I couldn’t have been more excited about doing a fashion tribute to the series. Even better? There’s a damn fine slice of Twin Peaks–esque vibe at Lost Lake Cafe and Lounge on Capitol Hill—the scene of much of our shoot (“Twin Peeks”).

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The folks at Lost Lake graciously allowed us to set up camp in the Comet Tavern next door and descend upon their 24-hour diner for half a day. To help us match the eerie cinematic sensibilities of David Lynch we chose photographer—and lighting master—Brandon Hill, who along with his assistant Chris Raz (pictured) helped bring our vision to life. Seattle Met style editor Colleen Williams led our search for the perfect Audrey Horne and Special Agent Cooper—and the perfect fall fashion to clothe them in. Our Black Lodge set, shot in studio, required some creative use of wallpaper—thank you big-box store for selling the perfect zigzag pattern—and two trips to Kent for curtains. Three dozen donuts were sacrificed in the making of this feature.  Jane Sherman, Seattle Met art director

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