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Dogs Are Especially Welcome in Yakima

Just don’t get your pooch drunk at a winery.

By Allison Williams March 5, 2012

You think you get red wine headaches.

Photo by Ilan Sharif

Traveling with ol’ Rover in tow? Finding pet-friendly accommodations is the least of your worries—you have to come up with stuff to do all day, too. Visit Yakima had this in mind when creating Wine Doggies, a website for Yakima Valley tourists with pups.

The site’s highlight is a listing of dozens of dog-friendly attractions in the area, including tons of wineries and tasting rooms. Each spot includes pet specifics, like leash rules and where precious Fluffy can poop on the grounds. There are even profiles of the dog mascots that live at local wineries.

The Doggie Bloggie (we don’t name ‘em, folks) includes updates about the Yakima Valley area. Best is news of a program at the Humane Society of Central Washington that allows visitors—perhaps those meanies who left their own K9 in a kennel back home—to walk a shelter dog on the Yakima Greenway. You check out a shelter pup like a library book, leaving only your driver’s license as collateral.

You’ll probably want your own pet for the May 12 Canine and Wine Walk; the event starts at Cherry Wood Bed, Breakfast, and Barn in Zillah. It provides wine (for you), treats (for Fido), and an optional lunch (share as you see fit). Proceeds go to local dog rescues.

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