This Washington

Nine Years We Didn't Have

04/29/2010 By Dan Bertolet

Morning Fizz

After Detailed Discussions

01/07/2010 By Morning Fizz


Environmentalists: Getting Drunk and Angry

Environmentalists get the blues in Olympia.

03/12/2009 By Josh Feit


Your Morning Fix

02/26/2009 By Josh Feit


The Battle (back) in Seattle

City Council Member Sally Clark to hold a hearing on the state legislature's density bill.

02/06/2009 By Josh Feit


State Rep. Simpson Takes it Out into the Hallway

The fight between environmentalists and economic populists over Rep. Sharon Nelson's density bill gets personal.

01/28/2009 By Josh Feit


Seattle Displacement Coalition vs. Futurewise. Left vs. Left.

A transit oriented development bill (housing density around transit hubs) is setting the stage for a fist fight between lefties.

01/25/2009 By Josh Feit


Low-Income Housing is Key to State Rep. Nelson's Bill

With Speaker Chopp in their corner this year, Environmentalists may be able to move an urban density bill that failed last year.

01/20/2009 By Josh Feit