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By Josh Feit March 12, 2009

fizz281. It's yet another cut off day in Olympia. (Today is the last day for any bill to pass out of its respective house of origin. Otherwise, it's dead.) And OMG! The legislation we've been obsessing about—the House and Senate bills that mandate density and affordable housing around transit stations—has not made it out of either chamber yet. 

2. No big surprise: KC Council Member Dow Constantine, who's running for KC Exec, got the endorsement of his home turf last night—the 34th District, West Seattle.

But Morning Fizz got its hands on an email exchange between a few 34th District leaders, and it looks like the Constantine sycophants in the 34th scuttled the rules so they could rush the endorsement.

I've posted the set of emails below the jump, but here's the deal: The district chair, Tim Nuse, points out that district rules required a more formal and open process, but then the committee members concoct a scheme to endorse Constantine pronto anyway. 

3. Brian Eno 1973 + The Shangri-Las 1965 + The Smiths 1985 = Portland's Parenthetical Girls. And OMG!  They are playing at the Sunset Tavern in Ballard tonight. 

4. Re: Cut off day: Serious education reformer, state Rep. Ross Hunter (D-48, Redmond, Bellevue, Clyde Hill) will try to amend the education bill in the House today. If he fails, Washington state may be out $800 million in Obama stimulus education money.
From: Tim Nuse 
 Sent: Monday, March 09, 2009 10:24 PM
To: Ann Martin; Asha Mohamed; Chris
 Porter; David Ginsberg; Ivan Weiss; Kim Becklund;
M STONE; Robin Hess; Stuart
Yarfitz; Beth Grieser; Bill
Schrier; Brian Earl; Greg Doss; Jackie Dupras; Jeff Uppy;
Kimber McCreery; Les Treall; Richard Bartlett; Walter Sive
Subject: Endorsement Process

 Hello Executive Board,

At our February eboard meeting we voted to recommend to the
members an early endorsement of Dow Constantine and a
generous campaign contribution. I believe the cart is
before the horse. There are three reasons I have decided a
 motion for endorsement will be out of order on Wednesday.

1. Rule and Bylaws - The bylaws read:

 "Section 3. The executive board may establish in its
rules the procedures governing the endorsement time line and
process and shall send written notice of the rules to the
members (newsletter is considered written notice for this
purpose.) Adoption shall be by majority vote. 
Any rules so adopted shall remain in effect until amended
 or replaced." 

The last set of adopted rules are from 2007 and refer to
 two specific endorsement meetings for the primary and
general election. They do not clarify early endorsement.

2. Serving our members - Our members expect to know what
 business will be before them at a meeting. This is key to empowering them to cast informed votes and key to the general transparency of our organization. We did not notify them in the newsletter that any endorsements or campaign contributions will be considered at this meeting.
Our bylaws committee has prioritized the review of our
endorsement process. Waiting to consider an endorsement of
Dow and a contribution to his campaign is not going to harm
our District or his campaign. I want there to be a clearly
defined process, established by the eboard, and approved by
the members (with prior written notice as required by our
 bylaws) before we proceed with endorsements.

Many thanks,

Tim Nuse

 34th District Democrats Chair


From: Miki Meahan 

Sent: Tuesday, March 10, 2009 1:43 PM
Subject: RE: Revised 34th Dems Budget

I have an idea that might work. just a thought though.

Is there any way that we could present the idea to the members tomorrow
night, as proposed, and then plan an event or present the check at one of
Dow's events for the photo op? That is of course if his endorsement passes,
which I am assuming it will. This would require some coordination with his
campaign, but it would be a win-win for both us and them, and we might be
able to drum up some press for both camps. "34th LD Throws Support Behind
Dow in a BIG way!" Just a thought.
Miki's idea absolutely WILL work. Nothing -- I repeat, NOTHING -- in our
bylaws or in our present endorsement rules precludes any member from making
a motion to endorse Dow during New Business, the chairman's statements
notwithstanding. It can't be on the agenda now, that is correct. That was an
unfortunate and disappointing oversight. But it is not necessarily fatal.

The motion WILL be made, it WILL be in order, and it WILL pass. I am curious
to see who might oppose it on presumed, but actually nonexistent, procedural
grounds, We can hand DOW the big check later. No, I repeat, NO additional
"process" is either necessary or desirable as regards THIS particular


 From: Les Treall 
 Sent: Wednesday, March 11, 2009 4:26 PM
 To: Kim Becklund
 Subject: Re: Revised 34th Dems Budget

 I agree with Kim. I want to point out that VII.5.c states "Motions for
 endorsement shall allow all candidates to be nominated before proceeding to
 a vote."  The rules for endorsements 3.3.2 says "There will be no
 endorsement vote for any candidate until all candidates for that position
 have had the opportunity to be endorsed." By suspending the rules we may
 bypass this hurdle. We need to be ready, should someone bring up endorsing
 Larry Phillips. Let's get this endorsement done and then clean up our rules
 and bylaws.

Les Treall

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