Arts Notice

Seattle Art Fair 2019 Aims to Be a Room of Wonder

An earthquake simulator, an Instagram star who smashes her face into bread…

07/24/2019 By Stefan Milne

Event Spotlight

A. Convention Offers Insight Into Seattle's Fashion Industry

Hear from a diverse group of industry leaders who believe there is more to Pacific Northwest Fashion than just rain boots and damp hair.

01/07/2016 By Dominique Etzel


PubliCalendar: How to Ride a Bike, How to Write a Grant

Today's picks for civic nerds

10/21/2014 By Darren Davis


Should You Attend Everfree NW?

The three-day convention for Seattleites who love the cartoon My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic starts July 5. We’ll help you decide if you should go.