1. What’s your favorite mythical animal? 
Unicorn (10)  
Pegasus (10)
Unicorns and pegasuses aren’t mythical (20)

2. Are you young at heart?
Yes (5)
I like to cut loose by occasionally humming the Meet the Press theme song while showering. So…no. (–15)


3. What’s your favorite color?
Pink (5)
Purple (5) 
Baby blue (5) 


4. What was the last toy you bought?
No idea (–10)
A G.I. Joe. And it was an action figure. (0)
The “Derpy Hooves” My Little Pony. It was sold exclusively at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con, but I couldn’t go, so I bought it on eBay. For $210. So worth it. (25)


5. Did you know the My Little Pony brand turns 30 this year?
No (–10)
Yes! And in that 30 years there have been four distinct generations of the Hasbro toy line, three cartoon series, and even a theatrically released movie that featured the voices of Danny DeVito and Cloris Leachman. Wait, what was the question? (25)


6. Horseshoes are for…
Throwing (0)
Hanging over a doorway for good luck (0)
Protecting horses’ hooves (5)
Wearing out on the town (15)


7. What do you think of when you hear the word brony?
“The tiny village of the same name in northern Poland?” (–5)
“We’re getting a little portmanteau happy these days.” (0)
“Adult men, like my 40-year-old uncle Sean, who are obsessed with My Little Pony, collect the figures, discuss the cartoon in online forums—the works.” (5)
“LOL. Me!” (15) 


8. If you could be any character from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, who would you be?
Ha ha ha. Oh, you’re serious… (–10)
Pinkie Pie, obvs, because she’s so funny and such a great baker at Sugarcube Corner, and I’m funny and a great baker and I wish I worked at Sugarcube Corner. (5)
I don’t understand the question. I am Rainbow Dash. (15)


9. Is your spouse or significant other a fan?
Yes, but I can’t go because I have a bowling tournament that weekend. Also, My Little Pony? (–10)
Yes, and I owe him for going with me to that convention for fans of the Snorks. (5)
No, but I’ve been looking for an excuse to wear that unicorn costume I bought at the flea market. (10)


10. Where is MLP:FIM set?
The kingdom of Equestria (10)
Brony, Poland (–10) 


Answer Key

More than 50 points: Strap on your wings and fly to the Sea-Tac Airport Hilton Hotel and Conference Center July 5–7, Pinkie Pie!

0 to 49: Read about it at everfreenw.com and have a friend pick up a commemorative T-shirt from the conference.

Less than 0: Stay home and sort your recyclables.


Published: July 2013

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