BikeNerd: Seattle's Bike-Sharing Hurdles

As Seattle moves toward a bike-sharing program, the most obvious hurdle is the city's mandatory helmet law.

10/05/2012 By Danielle Zorn


Fear of Commitment

Bike advocates want specific goals outlined in city's Bike Master Plan.

10/01/2012 By Danielle Zorn


City: Proposed Roosevelt Bike Lane Won't Cause Parking Problems

Roosevelt neighbors complain that a new bike lane will make it harder for them to park their cars. The city, which studied the issue, disagrees.

09/07/2012 By BikeNerd

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BikeNerd: Today's Bike News

Today's Bike News features Congressional Republicans, an ornery HuffPo editorial, and an attempted homicide.

09/22/2011 By Peter Johnson


Q&A With a Bike-Riding Bus Driver: Can Bikes and Buses Coexist?

Transportation advocates often lump bikes and buses into the same alternatives-to-SOVs category, but in the real world, bikes and buses can actually pose a conflict to each other. This Q&A with a bike-commuting Metro bus driver examines at those confl

10/26/2010 By Josh Cohen


I Should Really Follow My Own Advice

BikeNerd came mighty close to getting squished last weekend, all because he wasn't following his own good advice to stay off the sidewalk.

09/22/2010 By Josh Cohen

PubliCola Adds Life

BikeNerd on KUOW

PubliCola's BikeNerd, Josh Cohen, talks about the Lake City road diet on KUOW.

08/25/2010 By Erica C. Barnett


Wheeling Through The Weekend

Another weekend's upon us and it's filled with lots of bike events for you too attend. BikeNerd's out of town, but he still wants you to go.

07/30/2010 By Josh Cohen

PubliCola Adds Life

We Have a Winner!

03/26/2010 By Erica C. Barnett