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Unstructured family bonding is the Schrödinger's cat of get-togethers: simultaneously containing the glory of togetherness and two years' worth of pent-up feuds. Channel that volatile energy into some friendly competition with these mostly local games.

Let's Get Real Bro: The Game, Let's Get Real Bro Local


Men don't talk about mental health enough. This new board game from Seattle product designer Weston Karnes encourages its users to have deeper (and deeper) conversations through a tiered system of cards designed to break the ice and make big questions like "How can I support you in becoming the kind of person you want to be?" (almost) as manageable as stuff like "Who would your future amateur wrestling character be?" Each purchase comes with one free month of online therapy through BetterHelp.

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Monikers, Mox Boarding House Local


Based on the classic party game Celebrity, Monikers keeps the whole crew occupied for several rounds of complex character-based charades. Each card has a short descriptive bio for those without encyclopedias for brains, and will be equally appreciated by pop culture fiends (Drunk Jeff Goldblum), history buffs (Catherine the Great's Horse), and, surprisingly, hockey fans. Release your best Kraken impression posthaste.

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Outside Inside Cornhole Table Set, Eddie Bauer Local


Image: Eddie Bauer

You know it. You love it. Now it's portable enough for you to lean on in it any social situation, indoors or out.

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Best Story Wins Card Game, Urban Outfitters


If hearing grandpa describe the most hilarious fetish he's heard of in his 80 years of living sounds more mortifying than hilarious, steer clear (or just surreptitiously remove that card from the deck)—but this'll bring out some incredible stories from the whole family. Or just the whole table of cool cousins, if that's your move.

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Parks Board Game, Key Master Games


Image: Parks Project

A fun one to play with outdoor enthusiasts from around the country—"hey, that's my park!"—hikers (that's you) earn points by visiting various artist-illustrated parks. Gorgeous. Wholesome. Relaxing. The cute talking fox says it best.

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Ravensburger Disney Villainous Game, Amazon

$28 $40

Image: Amazon

Designed in Capitol Hill by board-game giant Ravensburger, this relatively involved game of saboteurs won the Toy Foundation's Game of the Year award in 2019. Is your aunt more of an Ursula or a Queen of Hearts type? It's worth investing the time to find out.

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Atlas Games Yukon Salon, Amazon Local


Image: Amazon

A locally designed game for small groups recommended to us by the folks at Capitol Hill's Gamma Ray Games and Ray Gun Lounge for its cool designs and novel concept: You're honing your craft as a hairdresser for the people and bears of the Yukon.

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