Outfitting a Rory Gilmore Fall

Autumn means books, candles, and lots of coffee.

By Spencer Brown October 28, 2022

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How we're spending the foreseeable future.

We're used to Meg Ryan—and every Nora Ephron movie, for that matter—returning to the zeitgeist each autumn. But thanks to the teens of TikTok rediscovering the charms of reading, this year we're officially having a Rory Gilmore Fall.

Properly observing RGF means downing gallons of coffee while reading as many books as physically possible...or at least cultivating your aesthetic around that goal, with roomy tote bags and take-everywhere reading lights. (Acting like you’ve read every obscure Russian author while cradling a copy of War and Peace like a newborn baby is a respectable loophole. We’re not actually checking your Goodreads.)

From bags and candles to a list of a few local books, here are Rory Gilmore Fall essentials that could make even the Dean in your life look like they got a five on the AP English test.

Autumn Candle, Lulumière Local



These autumnal candles come in three different scents and are perfect to set the mood for a good reading sesh. If you get a little overzealous, these candles are refillable at Lulumière's Roosevelt Way shop (we just know Rory Gilmore is climate change–conscious).

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Baggu Bay Laurel Cloud Bag, Prism Local


Image: Prism

At this point, everyone should have at least one tote bag in their arsenal; but anyone who wants to tackle RGF needs a designated Book Tote large enough to hold several tomes. The Cloud Bag comes in the perfect shade of dark green to complement neutral fall colorways. (The tough decision here is picking what to pack for a walk to the local coffeeshop where you will almost exclusively spend the afternoon on your phone.)

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Where’d You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple, Elliott Bay Book Company Local


Filled with fiercely funny commentary about life in Seattle (as well as several passive aggressive emails), this novel tells the story of an intelligent former architect who goes missing before a family trip to Antarctica. Plus, it features a mother-daughter relationship eerily similar to that of Rory and Lorelai Gilmore.

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Mini Literature Foldable Stand, MochiThings Local


Image: MochiThings

Reading was never the realm of the athletic! Thankfully, these adorable book stands from local stationery brand MochiThings can help anyone who suffers from a wiggly arm while holding up hardbacks. They’re foldable, which makes them perfectly portable, and the literary designs show off your reading prowess (even if you’ve never read the books).

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One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest by Ken Kesey, Elliott Bay Book Company Local


In an Oregon state mental hospital, Nurse Ratched reigns supreme, unquestioned by her heavily medicated patients. Chaos takes over Ratched’s meticulous routine when McMurphy arrives in the ward hellbent on opposing her at every turn. No Rory Gilmore wannabe should go without this classic.

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The Really Compact Travel Book Light,



On a late plane ride or from the comfort of your reading cave, having a portable reading light in your aforementioned Book Tote can really save the day. This light is small but mighty, with three brightness settings and a flexible neck to accommodate any kind of posture. Shopping through allows you to pick a local store to support.

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Bodleian Girls Adventure Book Journal, Elliott Bay Book Company Local


Whether you’re working on a manuscript or keeping a detailed reading log, every serious reader needs to carry around a journal. With a book-themed foil cover and two ribbon bookmarks to keep your place in the most aesthetic way as possible, this one will fit perfectly with a pile of books precariously shoved in a tote.

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Go Away! I’m Reading Crew Socks, The Sock Monster Local


Image: Sock Monster

When curling up with a new book, being cozy is essential. These socks will keep the dogs warm and boldly warn anyone who might approach that you are in fact too busy and too cultured to deal with any nonsense today. Seriously, get out of here—this chapter is really juicy.

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Cold Brew, Atomo Coffee Local

$17 for a four-pack

Image: Atomo Coffee

RGF demands coffee. Buckets and buckets of coffee. If your distracting intellectual pursuits have you running late, a can of cold brew locked and loaded in the Book Tote can save you from near embarrassment. This local beanless-coffee company offers brews in a variety of flavors as it works to maintain our planet’s caffeine supply for years to come.

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Shrill by Lindy West, Elliott Bay Book Company Local


This essay collection written by former Stranger writer Lindy West offers a humorous, feminist view on her experience with fat shaming, telling stories of her childhood self trying to hide her body and of her adult self fighting trolls and comedians online. It’s a must-read for every Seattleite.

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Fellow Carter Move Mug and Splash Guard, Nordstrom Local


Image: Nordstrom

This ceramic coated travel mug is perfect for carrying your fall drinks on-the-go. There’s even a snap-in splash guard to help drink your coffee instead of wearing it (coffee stains are not a fall trend).

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