Local Rain Gear for the Umbrella-Curious Seattleite

Full coverage is best, but rain hats protect your hair and your dignity.

By Zoe Sayler Photography by Carlton Canary April 7, 2021

The city has a fraught relationship with the umbrella. Some blame our aversion on the bumbershoot-butchering power of the Northwest wind, others the misty nature of Seattle rain that sneaks under any hand-held shelter. Maybe we’ve just never met one cute enough. But there are major advantages to full coverage—namely the ability to text outside in a downpour. Even the hesitant can warm up to a storm-ready hat.

Bird and Fish, Co. Umbrella

Local photographer Stacey Vaeth’s parasols actually improve the view. $29–$68

Certain Standard Umbrella

This modern take from a Seattle-based brand comes in two sizes and also protects from UV rays. Let’s be real, we’re far more afraid of the sun than the rain. $55–$75

ShedRain Clear Dome Umbrella

We trust a Portland-based company with umbrellas—after all, the City of Roses actually gets more annual precipitation than we do. Clear is neutral without being boring. $30

Filson Wool Packer Hat

This fedora is wool, so you probably don’t want to go swimming in it, but the material keeps you warm and dry in a drizzle and doesn’t scream “rain hat.” $85

Brooks Carbonite Hat

Protect yourself from rain (and oncoming cars) with a running hat that stands out while keeping a low profile. $35

Rains Shiny Boonie Hat

Remember on the Hulu version of Lindy West’s Shrill, when the Dan Savage stand-in ordered characters to “dress like you have been to New York at some point in your life”? Here’s how you do that in a rainstorm. $34

Outdoor Research Seattle Sombrero

As close as you can get to an umbrella while keeping your hands free. $65


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