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Seattle Fashion Week rocks shade down the catwalk.

Oct 12–14
Seattle Fashion Week
‘Tis the season for fall fashion. As Bellevue Fashion Week wrapped up last month, Seattle Fashion Week has arrived in full force, with designers both local and far flung putting their looks on the runway. On Thursday, catch men’s fashion at Cars, Cigars, and Couture. Friday brings a designer’s preview and party. Thent he main event comes on Saturday, the Premiere Runway Show and After Party; this year’s theme is the Metemorphosis: Transcendance of a Human Experience, where this season’s Project Runway contestant, Deyonté Weather, will be showing his looks alongside other designers in the show.

Sat, Oct 14 & Sun, Oct 15
Blackbird Seconds Sale
At their new factory down in SoDo, this local skin care company has quite the cache of “misprinted, dented, messed up, and goofy-looking” products—that are nevertheless solid product—at reduced prices. Everything from perfume to incense to oils and bath products will function in every way intended, promises Blackbird. So why not get a good deal and luscious goods...so long as you don’t mind a little imperfection.

Fri, Oct 13
Dress for Success: Seattle Designer Treasure Sale

If you enjoy great deals and designer threads (who doesn't?), then make you way to this Dress for Success at the Metropolist, where pieces from the likes of Prada, Gucci, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and more will be steeply marked down. From like-new and vintage clothing to shoes and handbags, score something for you while supporting Dress for Success. Doors open at 11am and closes at 6:30pm.

This article was updated on October 11 to reflect the correct dates for the Blackbird Sale, which previously it was Oct 13 and 14.

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