Warby Parker Is Coming for the Four-Eyes on Capitol Hill

A third Seattle location for the eyewear shop opens Saturday, October 14.

By Rosin Saez October 13, 2017

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The new Capitol Hill shop filled with frames.

Joining its sibling shops in Fremont and U Village, the latest Warby Parker location arrives at 305 East Pine Street this Saturday, October 14. Before we get to the details, a true story preamble.

Like many, I loved TV as a kid. I'd rise early to get in on the Saturday morning cartoon action: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle's turtle power, Power Rangers' ninja power, even the combined power of magical rings that summoned a blue alien environmentalist (career goals, much?). Then, there were after school shows in which houses were full, teens were saved by bells, growing pains of all sorts were resolved in a tight 25-minute time slot. I watched it all, and closely. So close, in fact, I could sometimes feel the static from the screen crackle on my nose. Images were just bright rainbow pixels—all my heroes indecipherable squares. My older sister would tattle, Mom, she's watching TV too close again! By age eight I was sporting a pair of gold-rimmed glasses. I looked like Mrs. Claus. A bespectacled, if cheerful, nerd. Come high school, though, a miracle: Glasses were cool. Everyone started failing eye exams just to get a sweet, sweet pair of frames, ones that Rivers Cuomo might wear.

Being the longtime four-eyes that I am, I've collected quite a few pairs of glasses, some of them Warby Parker and all of them necessary to my survival as I move about the world. Whether you need glasses to even just get out of bed in the morning, Warby Parker has stylish frames and sunglasses for the vision impaired and non. 

At the newest Warby Parker, frames will line the shelves—try on a new look or five, maybe snap a selfie in front of the mural made by Seattle's Invisible Creatures studio. To celebrate their new space, there will be sunglasses, specifically the Topper in jet black matte with mirrored silver lenses, exclusive to the Capitol Hill store for a limited time.

Hours will be 11–7pm daily.

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