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A throwback style with some modern twist. This pair of special Nike Cortez available at Nordstrom Downtown.

You may recognize this iconic pair of Nike sneaks running clear across the country as Forrest Gump logged miles and miles in his leather Cortez, a gift from his beloved Jenny. Well, whether you also “just feel like runnin’” or just want some new, sweet kicks you should head to Nordstrom this weekend.

Olivia Kim, Nordstrom’s vice president of creative projects, has partnered with Nike to pay homage the classic ’70s running shoe. It’s one of Kim’s favorite sneakers, “I’ve been wearing Nikes since I was a kid,” says Kim, and the Cortez was the perfect pair to put a 2017 spin on.

For its 45th anniversary, Kim’s revived the throwback colorways (white, black, and navy) and has added some modern touches, like some baby pink in the sole and a larger swoosh in either white or navy. Find the Nike Cortez ($120), of which there will only be 50 pairs available at Nordstrom Downtown (and a few other select locations) at the Nordstrom x Nike sneaker boutique. Get it while the nylon-and-suede kicks last...

You don’t have to run for three years, two months, and 16 hours in your Nike Cortez, but according to movie magic, you could. And you’d look pretty stylish doing it.

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Olivia Kim with her Nike Cortez.


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