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The Biggest Student-Run Fashion Show in Seattle Is March 15

This year’s show, Aeon Neue, centers around the multifaceted looks of the It Girl.

By Rosin Saez March 13, 2017

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Photo via AIS Runway District Facebook

“You can't teach somebody how to hustle. They either have a fire in their belly or not,” says Joan Kelly, who’s been the Art Institute of Seattle fashion show director and producer for 11 of its 19 years running. She adds that giving students context can lead to the confidence needed to hustle, but “a hustle with no context is just a loose cannon.”

This year’s show though, its largest yet, seems to have hustle threaded into the fabric of the event itself. Since 1995, the Art Institute of Seattle fashion students—marketing and design pupils alike—have conceived, planned, promoted, and executed the largest student-run fashion show in the Pacific Northwest, which takes six months of coordinating.

“Every year you have to start again; you have to recreate the wheel every time,” says Kelly. That so-called wheel this time is dubbed Aeon Neue. The show will have collections evoking the different styles of a Seattle It Girl, a hypothetical women of many tastes, who is all at the same time “rebellious but cool and modern,” says Mika VanFossen, a fashion marketing student and PR coordinator for the show.

About 20 student designers have created over 100 looks within seven different style themes like Modern Deviance, a take on edgy grunge put on minimalistic clothing, Bohemian Rebel, which could be described as Mad Max apocalytic fashion meets streetwear, or Baroque, a modern lens towards ornate, regal elements and rich colors.

To see it all in action attend Aeon Neue on March 15, at either of the two shows starting at 5pm and again at 8pm. Ticket prices depend on prime seating ($20 for standing room only, $75 for first row, with midrange options, too).

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