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Style File: 5 Questions with Bruce Pflaumer

The image consultant and style pro Bruce Pflaumer lets us in on his secrets.

By Colleen Williams August 31, 2016

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Image courtesy of Bruce Pflaumer.

Style aficionado and overall image perfectionist Bruce Pflaumer is known around the Seattle area as who you go to when you want to nail your look from head to toe. We also have the pleasure of him both mentoring and judging the upcoming Independent Designer Runway Show (IDRS) on September 22. Here is a peek into how he makes style work.

Name and occupation
Bruce Pflaumer, Founder, Michael Bruce Image Consulting, Image Consultant and Stylist.

Quote to live by
"Seek to be interested, not interesting."

Describe your style
My personal style is updated, traditional. I like wearing suits, blazers, ties and I always wear a pocket square, but I wear these classic pieces with a more modern approach through color, pattern and texture. I'm not afraid to be the best dressed person in the room, even in casual Seattle; in fact I enjoy standing out. I grew up on the east coast so it has definitely influenced the way I dress. For example, I enjoy wearing color; my brand color is orange, I incorporate it into my look every day. 

Who is your favorite designer and/or style icon? 
I've always admired Ralph Lauren. I had the opportunity to meet him in NYC very early in my career. I’ll never forget it—we were in a meeting and he commented on how great my look and style was to the others as an example of wearing the clothes, not the clothes wearing me.

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Bruce: "I'm always on the phone. Always."

I also admire that Ralph Lauren has stayed true to his brand and vision from the beginning and truly made it a lifestyle, not just a clothing style.

What are your favorite shops, places to people watch or get inspiration? 
I notice everything; I love people watching, although I tend to see how people are dressed before I see them; how you dress says a lot about who you are, what you do and how you feel about yourself. 

As for inspiration, it comes from the everyday. I’m very multi-sensory so I’m constantly absorbing whatever environment I’m in. When it comes to clothes, I like to be able to touch them; feel the fabric, its’ weight and texture. I like to see them up close and on people; the color, details, cut, fit and shape are all important to me. I even like hearing how clothes move and some clothes, like leather, have a smell. I do love the stories that fashion magazines tell; they’re inspiring, but in a fairy tale kind of way. Seeing real people bring fashion to life is much more interesting to me, good or bad, people have their own unique sense of style. 

I don’t really care where clothes are from as long as they serve a purpose (everything you wear should serve a purpose even if it’s sentimentality) and are quality (basics should be high quality, trendier pieces should look expensive, but shouldn’t break the bank). Right now one of my favorite men's stores is SuitSupply in Seattle; I always find something there. And I’m a longtime fan of Nordstrom; they have a lot to offer and their customer service is typically spot on. 

Style File: Five Questions asks the stylish people of Seattle about fashion, inspiration and most importantly–where to shop. 

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