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Image courtesy of Filson.

This month, Filson announces its partnership with the imitable, the adorable, the 72 year old icon, Smokey the Bear! The "remember, only you can prevent forest fires" spokesbear came to us in 1944 to bring awareness to human-started forest fires. Then, in 1950, a black bear cub was rescued from a wildfire in New Mexico’s Lincoln National Forest. He was pretty badly burned, but the five-pound-cub (only five pounds!) was treated in Capitan, New Mexico. They named him Smokey.

Filson calls him their "favorite outdoorsman," and it's no wonder, he is pretty special. Weaving the brand's own heritage and style through the collection, the pieces are extremely collectible; there's a Smokey Bear t-shirt, a Pendleton-wool blanket, a powder-coated water bottle and a Smokey Bear cap.

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The reverse side of the watch; image courtesy of Filson.

But the centerpiece has to be the limited-edition (there's only 1,000), individually numbered Smokey Bear Watch. The watch comes with a certificate of authenticity, a Smokey Bear-Filson book, a bandanna featuring Smokey's image and outdoor safety tips, and six vintage Smokey postcards. 

The collection is available online and in-store now, however you may have better luck getting that Pendleton at a Filson location (looks like it's sold out already online).

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