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Denim poncho and leggings on sale at Nordstrom’s anniversary sale.

Image via Nordstrom

July 22–
Sandylew Summer Sale 
If that perfect warm weather dress is still amiss, this downtown women's boutique could be of help. With 40 percent off on all summer clothing it's probable that most shoppers will find more than just a new dress. 

July 22–August 8 
Nordstrom Anniversary Sale
Add a new suit to the weekly lineup, grab some ties to help change things up, or get more casual. Whatever style or accessory is missing in the wardrobe this will be a good time to purchase it.  

Friday, July 29
The Belltown Night Market
Meet local shop owners, nibble on small-bites, and sip some bubbly all while going from boutique to boutique. It starts at Bell Street Park and from there it basically becomes a bar-hop, but with shopping. Sell Your Sole, Kuhlman, Endless Knot, and other Belltown favorites are participating. 

July 30&31
Moorea Seal: Radiant Human Aura Photography 
This ones a bit hard to explain; artist Christina Lonsdale travels around with her photography laboratory snapping Polaroid photos showing peoples energy or aura—the camera used has sensors on it which can detect the bodies electricity. To peruse through Lonsdale's work and book an appointment for this event click here.   

Save the Date
August 18
Modern Witchcraft: Kokedama
The title may be a tad misleading, because for this E. Smith Mercantile workshop, attendees will be making Japanese moss balls (a form of garden art). As always, cocktails and snacks are included in the price. You'll finally be able to do something about that dirt-box outside your window.