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Barre3 Opens in Ballard

Ballard, rejoice. The butt-busting Barre3 is now in your neighborhood.

By Colleen Williams July 13, 2016

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Kimberly Johanson, owner of the new Ballard Barre3. Image courtesy of Barre3.

If you haven’t tried Barre3 (or for that matter, any barre class), like I hadn’t until a week ago, you might dismiss it as “ballet light.” And since I have taken approximately one adult ballet class in my life, I’m here to tell you I underestimated the heck out of Barre3.

Barre3 is described as “a boutique fitness company that incorporates over 100 studios around the globe, online classes, nutritional guidance, original, healthy recipes, a mobile app, and inspired content to promote balanced living.” The classes focus on a yoga-pilates hybrid that works on a “one inch” isometric movement, which sounds almost easy, but in my practice, I found it to be super challenging (like legs-shaking-challenging, which is a good thing in Barre3). The good news is that the community is really joyful and likes to work with your specific capabilities, eschewing any intimidation you might feel. They embrace individual strengths; there is no shaming here. At the end of my introductory class, I said, “Well, I didn’t feel like an idiot once!” Which if you’ve worked out in public before, you know exactly what that means.

“Our instructors are trained to tailor workouts to each individual. We want to empower people, all people—men, women, young and old—to feel your absolute best from the inside out,” says owner Kimberly Johanson. She was a student just a couple years ago, trying out Barre3 to lose some baby weight when something clicked for her. “I didn’t talk about the weight, I only cared about how I felt. I’d come home from the studio and was so enthusiastic, bursting with energy and talking about it with my husband.” A former marketing manager, she felt as though she’d found her true calling with Barre3 and eventually auditioned to instruct, quit her job, and cut to now—she’s opening the new Ballard location this week. “Ballard was the obvious choice in where a studio should be; not just because it is a vibrant community with an opportunity to create an amazing, inviting space and serve the many surrounding local neighborhoods, but because it embodied what my studio goal is, to create a generous, caring and supportive environment that loves connecting friends, family and health.”

The studio opened yesterday at 5711 24th Ave NW (Suite 150, but you’ll see it as soon as you get to the corner) and is offering free classes with complimentary childcare this first week of business, July 11-17. They’re also celebrating with raffles, tastings, local business pop-ups and membership specials. You can contact the studio through their website for full grand opening activities and deals.

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