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Wear What When: June 13–19

A damn good sale, E. Smith's Summer Camp Series, and a designer appearance.

By Kyle Kuhn June 13, 2016

Mira mikati exclusive full look uobvtf

Mira Mikati's capsule collection. 

Image via Nordstrom

June 13–
Jackstraw's Damn Good Sale
The name of the sale pretty much sales it all: everything in the store (for both men and women) is on sale with spring and summer 2016 collections 30–40 percent off. Then there's the tantalizing "Sin Bin" which has clothing from past seasons marked down 70–90 percent.  

June 13–
Barneys' Well-Tailored Edit
Wedding season is happening right now guys, and whether or not you're a groomsman this is the kind of event where many will be expected to look their best. And though not everyone can afford to shop at Barneys, they're worth a look (or a glimmer of hope) when select sportswear and suits are up to 60 percent off. 

June 16
E. Smith Summer Camp Series 3
By society's standards, men with beards must be extremely manly and know how to survive in the wild. That's nonsense of course, but knowing natural first aid (especially if you're a hiking enthusiast) is definitely not a bad idea. 

Fri, June 17
Designer appearance at Downtown Nordstrom
Mira Mikati will be making a personal appearance near SPACE on the second floor to promote her Nordstrom exclusive capsule collection. From office basics to leather jackets, everything from this collection has fun designs and bold colors. 

Save the Date
June 25–26
Punk Rock Flea Market
Flea markets, in general, are pretty awesome. It's at events like this where that obscure trinket that everyone envies is found (and usually for quite a steal). Check out all the unique and crazy things a flea market has to offer all while listening to the revolutionary sounds of punk rock. 




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