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Two for One: Sale of the Week and Another Favorite Thing

New classics from Jack Straw’s John Richards

July 31, 2009


At Jack Straw, the men’s Italian-made and otherwise designer duds are not meant to be handled with care. Co-owner John Richards urges you to sleep in Comme des Garcons jackets and roll around in the hay in Dries Van Noten for years to come. So instead of looking at the pieces for sale—and currently on sale—in his First Ave shop as elements of a soon-to-end season or a modern trend that’ll be over by the time the days start getting short again, you might look at them as friends you’ll have for the rest of your life.

Kind of puts a spin on marked-down spring and summer jackets, pants, and button-downs, doesn’t it? Especially since this heat wave is already making the current quarter feel nice and long. Chances are you’ll have cause to pull on linen pants and lightweight jackets straight through the end of September—and, following John Richards’ lead, through every September after that.

Wear-forever separates are marked at 40 to 50% off, (and they’ll stay there until they’re gone) and fall looks are arriving daily. Ask John to show you his current favorite piece, an Ann Demeulemeester hoodie that elevates the status of the sweatshirt with smart detailing and perfect proportions.

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