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Image courtesy of Hella Black Hella Seattle.

Seattle Scorpio Eula Scott Bynoe is co-host to the summer-long podcast, Hella Black Hella Seattle, the community-centric podcast that runs from Memorial Day to the Thursday before Labor Day (and each alternate week drops a HellaBlack mix by a DJ of their choosing). It's worth a listen. She and her partners-in-podcast, Alaina and Jasmine, are our picks this week for Style File.

Name and occupation:
Eula Scott Bynoe: 1/3 of Hella Black Hella Seattle, leading the interviews, Doula.

Motto to live by?
“Progress not perfection." Over 10 years ago I got a bracelet from the Hammering Lady at Pike Place Market with this written on it and have literally worn it everyday since, including my wedding. It has helped me to understand that it’s okay to make mistakes, but its not okay to stay stagnate. It’s also funny that now as a doula it’s fits perfectly, labor is rarely perfect but progress is our goal.

Describe your style.
It took me forever to know myself; I still have days where I wake up lost. On those days I wear what I think is trendy and feel awkward. When I’m at my best I’m super comfortable wearing big shorts or sweats and an oversized shirt, ideally all men's, swallowing me but still edgy. When its time to dress up though I go the complete opposite direction, I love to give off adorable; I live for a jumper, bows, and pink!

Who is your favorite designer or style icon?
I’ve switched up my hair so much and I was always either one step ahead or one behind Kelis and saw her as a style icon, then she did that weird short hair, long mullet ponytail and she lost me. I’m a huge fan of when Rhianna does relaxed and sporty.

What are your favorite shops, places to people watch, or get inspiration in Seattle?
I used to work at American Apparel downtown and on my hour lunches I’d walk to the Market, grab a piece of fruit and a Piroshky, then walk to the park there at the far end and find complete peace. These days I people watch at Cal Anderson, it’s a great place to see how Seattle relaxes and it’s easy to join right in.
When I’m in need of a new item my first try is Nordstrom, if that doesn’t end with a win either because of price or just not having what I’m dreaming of I try H&M. Lastly, my husband’s closet, he was a designer for 8 years and has fantastic style, when I wear something from his wardrobe I always get compliments!

Style File: Five Questions asks the stylish people of Seattle about fashion, inspiration and most importantly–where to shop.