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Image courtesy of Posie Turner.

Posie Turner is a brand with a mission: to spread a little love. Point of difference? They're socks (and they're very cute). With the tag 'modern socks with inspiring mantras,' Posie Turner is bright, colorful, and dare we say sweet? The socks have been hitting the internet with ideas for bridesmaids, graduates, dads, moms, birthdays - long story short, they make a really great gift. We caught up with founder Leslie Ota and asked her some questions about the story behind the brand and where she's headed next.

What was the inspiration for starting Posie Turner?

I have always loved socks and “good words” have always inspired me to be a better human, stretch for my goals and get me through challenging times. I used to write words on my shoes and on my hands for motivation when I played sports and post my favorite fortune cookie messages and favorite quotes on my bathroom mirror. I combined these two loves of mine with the hope that we will inspire people by elevating the simple ritual of putting on our socks as we start our day.

Tell me a little bit more about the brand name.   

Posie Turner is a mythical person. The word "Posy" (spelled differently) means a “motto or inscription” which ties into our inspirational messaging. And I liked "Turner" because it was a little more androgynous and strong and made me think that we can always make a “turn” or shift at any time.

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Leslie's dogs Kona and Toby, courtesy of Posie Turner.

Why socks?

Since I was a kid, I have always loved socks. Choosing which socks I wore would set the tone for my day. Would I go with neon socks (back in the '80s) or would I put on my conservative striped socks? I love socks because they can be subtle or they can be bold. They can add a pop of color to your outfit, make a statement, or allow you to be a little weird. You can show them off, but they are mostly private.

What is the most important thing for you about the brand?

Of course I love our modern designs and colors, but the inspirational messaging on our socks is what makes this the most meaningful to me. We are using our socks to inspire, spread joy and encourage people to shine their own unique light. It’s so fun for me to package up a couple pairs of socks and think about why they picked those socks. A large majority of our socks are sent as gifts, so it’s always fun to see what mantras they send and to write their personalized notes that go along with it.

Do sock trends follow fashion trends, or do you step to the beat of your own drummer?

I look at all kind of fashion and lifestyle magazines, so I’m sure trends have unconsciously informed some of our designs. Our aesthetic is more modern and classic versus trendy. We want our customers to be able to feel good and comfortable wearing our socks wherever they go…to yoga, to the farmer’s market, out on a date or dressed up for work.

Any big future plans for the rest of the year?

We are doing a "Be Twelve" sock for the upcoming Seahawk seasons and a 3-pack gift box for fall and holiday.

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