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Image courtesy of Robbie Turner.

The wonderfully talented Robbie Turner has been known around the hallowed halls of Seattle for years, but America got a great sampling of her magic on RuPaul’s Drag Race (Season 8). Who better to kick off our recurring series of where to get glamorous and how to thine own style be true? Without further ado…

Name and occupation: 
Robbie Turner: Drag Queen, performer, and community therapist!

Your quote to live by?
"If someone tells you your hair is too big, get rid of them. You don't need that kind of negativity in your life." Dolly Parton

Describe the Robbie Turner style.
Vintage Hollywood glamour. At any moment a musical dance routine could begin, so if you want to stand nearby...KNOW THE CHOREOGRAPHY!

Who are your style icons and what inspires you?
Adrian and Edith Head; both Hollywood designers from the 1930s (through the 50s). I adore Norma Shearer and of course Audrey Hepburn for their timeless style. I'm most inspired by old Hollywood sophistication, flirtiness and glamour. I like to take people on a visual journey to a time that doesn't exist anymore. You're welcome.

What are your favorite Seattle shops?  
My favorite shops are... Indian Summer (owned and fashionably curated by Adria Garcia) and also the colorful confection known as Pretty Parlor owned by Anna Banana Lange. Nordstrom for women's shoes because there is no other and I am civilized. I await the grand day I become their mascot.

Bonus Round! Where do you get the most people watching done?
With the current amount of traveling I'm doing, the airport is the best place to watch people. Keep your cool folks, lines only move so fast and you should always err on the side of early.

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