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Image via Fitbit.

Everyone knows someone with a wearable, whether it is a Fitbit, Apple Watch, Microsoft Band 2, Nike Fuel Band, or Jawbone Up, and they probably know people who swear by it, or swear at it. Even the small social media explosion of rashes last year hasn’t detracted from Fitbit mania, nor have fears of insurance companies taking stats for blackmail (I can’t be the only one who runs with the tin foil crew). People still want quantifiable data, downloadable, to feed their endless hunger for competition, to achieve their PR, beat yesterday’s step count. It’s not without its critics—but if their main complaint was the design (too bulky, not cool enough), Fitbit is giving them a new option.

The slimmer, chicer Alta launched earlier this spring with a $129.95 price tag and is just now being spotted on the wrists of the beautiful people. Big, bright ads featuring a woman wearing an infinity scarf (so you know they’re serious about fashion) along with her Alta are in the April issue of Vogue. WWD ran a full report on the new sleeker wearable. And to be honest, it really does look more like a cool bracelet (okay, and a little bit like a watch-plus-gadget). If you were hesitant about wearing a Fitbit because it looked too clunky or didn’t fit your style, the new Alta is much more Fifth Element than Futurama.

The band comes in “Classic” colors (black, blue, teal, plum) or “Luxe” (Blush Pink Leather, Graphite Leather, or Stainless Steel) and they’ll be launching another collaboration with designer Tory Burch any day now. So if you wanna micromanage yourself, but didn’t like the way it looked before, you finally have some pretty sweet options.

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