Earth Day is coming this Wednesday, April 22, and for this month’s Met Set, our Shop Talk team is reflecting on all the local/sustainable/green ways to style our livesApparently, that means a lot of handmade wooden serving platters.

Image via NuBe Green

Natalie Lew, editorial intern

My friends and I love spending warm spring nights barbecuing and munching on kale salads, so naturally this locally sourced circle cutting board by Turnco Wood Goods is the perfect addition to our dinner parties. The chopping block is crafted from salvaged, sustainably sourced wood—and it’s so pretty that it doubles as a rustic serving platter ($52, NuBe Green).

Image via Clementine

Amanda Zurita, style editor

As someone recently pointed out on my Instagram, lately I’ve been rather fond of a certain black-and-white striped tee. I like to jazz it up with an edgy accessory (or five), and for my next act, this foam and clay necklace by the Green Girl would do just fine ($260, Clementine). Designer Carolina Wallin uses 100 percent of her raw materials and often sources from secondhand goods, thus minimizing impact and maximizing style. 


Image via Fireworks

Olivia Tinsley, style intern

If you ask me, a bright spring day in Seattle is much better when enjoyed through the lenses of a killer pair of sunglasses. I’m currently loving these round-lens frames ($22) I came across at Fireworks. To add to their cool factor, the sunnies also serve a greater, green purpose since they're made from reclaimed plastic material. 



Image via Samantha Pleet



Lauren Gallow, Shop Talk contributor

Denim is one of those materials that gets better the less you wash it, right? So buying and wearing only one denim outfit is eco-conscious, right? I’m saying “yes” to this to justify my recent purchase and subsequent binge-wear of this matching denim set by Samantha Pleet from Glasswing ($280). Turns out I’ll only be wearing matching crop tops and short sets this summer, everyone. Sorry I’m not sorry. 







Image via Timbra Co.

Alyssa Volpigno, Shop Talk contributor
My dear friend Adam launched an artisanal wood-working business this week called Timbra Co. The name of his company nods to his Nordic heritage and their history of handcrafted goods. His serving boards are made from off-cuts and found materials, but they are glamorous and minimal. Look for me at Green Lake on a sunny day with some cheese and Italian meats on this round walnut piece ($169).