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A girl, a suit, and a single pinched-nipple earring.

By Lauren Gallow January 22, 2015

“I found the most amazing handmade, vintage, three-piece, double-breasted women’s suit at Goodwill. It was too small for me. You have to go try it on.

When local textile artist/Henry Art Gallery special projects assistant Alexa Anderson spoke these words to me, I knew we would be forever friends. She constantly has me sick (in a good way) over her amazing vintage finds, many of which come directly from the source: her mother. Her style (and Alexa herself) can be summed up as follows: smart, a little wacky, but always authentically Alexa. Much like the functional line of pillows she sells at Prism, her wardrobe is a mashup of textures, patterns, and time periods that probably shouldn’t work together, but somehow always do.

Courage. Add that to the Alexa list.

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Tagged: Alexa Anderson

Wearing: I like to dress for comfort. I tend to keep it simple, but then add a special vintage something or other. The boots are Guess from the ’90s. I got them at a weird, wonderful little vintage store on the Ave. The navy cashmere coat was a score from Lucky Vintage. It fits like a dream and I wear it all the time. It makes me feel strong and powerful no matter what I have on underneath.

The polka dot blouse/jacket is my mom's from the ’80s. My cream-colored cashmere scarf was also a gift from her. (She has the best taste, and she totally gets my style.) The watch is Alessi. My earrings: I bought one at Kobo (not pictured), and the golden pinched nipple earring I found as a set years ago in San Francisco. I’m always losing earrings, so I like to wear them mismatched.

Style in three words: I'm a creature of comfort: eclectic, layers, black

Closet you’d most like to raid: Georgia O'Keeffe, Thom Browne, Bob Dylan (circa disheveled hair and Ray Ban phase). I'm really into jackets and hats right now. 

Digital inspiration: I follow Sight Unseen pretty religiously. It is the perfect blend of design and art, and always has great work by young, fresh designers and artists. McSweeney's Internet Tendency now, and forever. 

For shopping, I like Eileen Fisher for simple, timeless finds—plus she lives in the little town my family is from: Irvington, New York. Lucky Vintage in Ballard is my favorite for unique scores: everything from a buttery, fringed-suede Western jacket to a sequined top. But Goodwill on the Hill is killing it these days.


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