▶︎   This year I will treat getting dressed as a daily act of collage. Editing, adding, merging, and juxtaposing, I will look for the unseen potential in my current wardrobe. I will wear items backwards, get a little messy, challenge my tendency towards minimalism, and choose orange over grey. Serrah Russell Artist, serrahrussell.com

  I’ll continue my mad descent into black witch wearI’ll be in sweatshirts and tees, skinny jeans, and long shredded tunics I’ve made myself; finished off with the wide-brimmed felt hat I commissioned from an old hatter in Greece and my custom high-heeled ankle boots. Mark Mitchell Artist, markmitchellburial.com

▶︎  This year is about foundation garments: lingerie and hosiery. An assortment of Wolford tights and bras deserving of a sneak peek. Simple and sexy. April Pride Designer, aprilpri.de

▶︎   I just saw Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette (I know, I know), and I’m totally obsessed with lilac, pale pink, and especially baby blue. If all goes as planned, I’ll sail right into spring on cold-weather pastels mixed with Northwest earth tones.  Navy is the new neutral.   Laura Sullivan Cassidy Nordstrom blogs editor, Instagram @laurasullivancassidy

▶︎   This is my year to finally embrace, collect, and honor accessories. I challenge myself to collect a locally made accessory as a souvenir from every place I travel longer than 24 hours. Who knows, this might be the year I finally pierce my ears!  Hollis Wong-Wear Artist, singer-songwriter, and member of the Flavr Blue, holliswongwear.com


▶︎   After shamefully admitting to a respected street fashion photographer that most of my outfit had been purchased at Zara, he responded with, ‘There’s nothing wrong with Zara or any brand.’ In 2015,
I hope to not let brand consciousness stifle my creativity. Support local first, but if faux-leather sales rack pants look good, own it.  Kelsey Kaufman Freelance style and music writer, kelskaufman.com

▶︎   I am going more, more, more with accessories and simplifying my clothing, inspired by a move to a small apartment and an aunt in New Mexico who can pile on tons of gold, turquoise, and gems all at once and look stunning. —Sarah Kavage Co–artistic director for Duwamish Revealed, kavage.com

▶︎  I’m going to be a first-time mom in 2015, so my style resolution is to shower regularly, keep my long curls, and get back to my boyfriend jeans as quickly as possible. Elizabeth Rudge Photographer, elizabethrudge.com

▶︎   This year I have my sartorial sights set on suede. Boots, bags, trousers, and jackets look most superlative in suede, giving my wardrobe a ’70s sensuality.  Ken Downing Seattle native and senior vice president of Neiman Marcus, Instagram @kendowningnm

▶︎ All slouch. No grouch. For 2015, I am embracing the idea of a looser, more slouchy form, channeling looks from the Row, Marques’Almeida’s frayed denim on denim (on denim), and oversized suede numb-ers from Jason Wu. Belting layers -judo-style and adding transparency so as not to overwhelm. Erin Krohn Owner of Hammer and Awl, hammerandawl.com

▶︎  I plan on dressing with imperfection as a take on the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi. Whittling my wardrobe to get as functional as possible, and introducing a casual element to offset looking too perfectly put together. Cat Wilcox Co-owner of Velouria, shopvelouria.com

▶︎  I’m going to rummage under my bed and dig out my old sparkly costume pieces and wear them combined with my usual homeless-chic look, allowing myself to look like an insane maniac. If department store security isn’t following me around, it’s not working. Kaija Mistral Towner Hair and makeup artist, kaijamistralmakeup.com

▶︎  If I haven’t worn it for two years, get rid of it. Suk Chai Leung Designer of Schai, schaischai.com

  My plan for 2015 is to bottle the style of a Makavejev film: a tobacco-colored Aykut Ozen leather coat, a Sand shirt, and a pair of elegantly utilitarian trousers by Acne. Lyall Bush Executive director at Northwest Film Forum, nwfilmforum.org

▶︎  I’d like to focus on carefully editing my wardrobe, which is a fancy way of saying, “I have too many clothes and end up wearing the same things.” Lately I’m into more classic pieces that flatter a lady’s body. More of that too. —Jess Estrada Lifestyle writer, freshjess.com

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