I dare you to walk out of Moorea Seal empty handed. The Belltown shop, profiled in the February issue of Seattle Met, is filled to the brim with needful accessories and gifts—often at spectacularly affordable prices.

We challenged ourselves to pick five favorite in-store items (and sort of failed, see our bonus selections at the bottom). Check out our must-haves here, then get yourself to Third and Vine.

Fortress Ring
I try on this ring every time I'm in the shop. Next time I'm going to actually buy it; like most of Moorea's offerings, it's a well-priced steal at $34. The stainless-steel-and-stone bauble is (along with the Mars Spear necklace and the raw-cut Hoxton earrings) my favorite piece from the in-house Moorea Seal signature line.

Love Sick Cards
This Valentine's Day I'm bringing back the elementary-school tradition of gifting cute cards and a box of candy hearts. I may even organize a craft day for my coworkers to design their own paper-bag mailboxes. They'll be opening one of these graphic notes ($14 for a set of 6). My beau gets the quirky Heart Bandit card

Sempervivum Study Vol. 1
Those of us without the greenest of thumbs still deserve a little desk-side plant life, right? This succulent poster ($70), designed by Washington-based illustrator Jessica Rose, is printed on textured canvas that requires no watering.

Arrowhead Bracelet
Moorea Seal (the shop and the person) is perfectly adorable, but it's nice that amongst the cat wrapping paper and the cutesy heart studs you can still find edgier wares. This Evidence Jewelry organic/industrial jasper-and-brass bracelet ($150), along with other offerings by the brand, is a prime example of the boutique's range.

Rosa iPhone Case
I'm forever a fan of the pressed-flower phone cases that Moorea could hardly keep in stock, but this new painted version ($36) is next-level for the New Year. The flowers are painted on a clear background, so the case snaps nicely over the white or gold iPhones for a spring-y feel. 

And because it's so impossibly hard to narrow it down to the list above, here are five honorable mentions for our favorite in-store goodies: 
For Planners: Leopard Weekly Desk Pad ($12)
For Minimalist Handbag Enthusiasts: Prima Clutch in natural leather ($104)
For Blingy Brides: Marquis Earrings ($18), as seen on the cover of the new Seattle Met Bride and Groom 
For Your Desk: Gold Heritage Scissors ($24) 
For Hawaiian Vacations: Clear Corin sunglasses ($24)

All images via Moorea Seal