WHERE: Butch Blum

WHAT: Designer/stylist Cameron Levin brings her latest collection to Butch Blum for a premiere trunk show and brunch party. The new line, dubbed Asali (Swahili for "honey") is rich with luxe, California-sourced suedes that have been pretreated to withstand our Northwest climate. 

Find out what else there is to love about the line in our interview with Levin, below.

So what's behind this new collection?
Levin: “I was actually inspired by a pheasant feather I used in a jewelry photoshoot—I fell in love with the patterning of black and rich, deep browns, and it sparked this new line. You know that old, outdated fashion rule that black and brown don't mix? They really both such beautiful neutrals that are consistently found together in nature. Almost the entire collection pairs warm browns and blacks, plus little pops of sage for contrast.

As far as materials go, the Asali collection is almost entirely sourced from ultrasupple goat suedes from Napa Valley. Goat suede is considered the most luxurious of all suede, as it is has one of the lightest, softest hands to it (in a way, it naturally emulates silk fabric) but it's also very strong. Consistent with much of my previous work, it's ecoconscious in that the suedes are vertically produced and not dyed using harsh chemicals.”

Who's your gal? Do you have a type of woman in mind when you design?
“My brand represents a variety of women who identify as artistic, eclectic and conscientious. She's a lover of beauty, from nature and art, to urban architecture to music. She's pretty multifaceted, I guess you could say.”

What are your goals as a designer, with this collection and moving forward?
“My goal is to bring beautiful, well-crafted, unique fashion at a price point that reaches more people. My collections are produced in Washington by a team of very talented women, which also almost always incorporates an environmentally conscientious component—but my pieces aren't $600 for a shirt, even though they the quality is comparable to pieces that are. I believe in sustainable accessibility. I'm also working on a textile/metal blended jewelry collection, which will be available during the trunk show.”

Instagram earlier this month. See the new styles in person at Butch Blum." data-image-selection='{"width":1838,"height":2219,"x1":0,"y1":0,"x2":1838,"y2":2219}'>

We fell in love with Levin's crocheted silk necklaces when she posted them on Instagram earlier this month. See the new styles in person at Butch Blum.

WHEN: See the latest line and chat with Levin in person on January 25 from 12 to 5. Brunch bites and bubbles will be served. RSVP is required; email [email protected] to join the list.