There has been, of course, a big to-do about the farewell season of Kent Stowell and Maurice Sendak’s Nutcracker at the Pacific Northwest Ballet. (Our Culture Fiend blog has the story on the most memorable costumes and sets, plus and inside look into the future of the PNB's Nutcracker.)

But they aren't the only company celebrating a milestone holiday run, the Land of the Sweets burlesque Nutcracker is performing its ninth run this year, and to prepare for next year's decade marker, the team has brought on Stephanie Seymour, costume shop manager for Teatro ZinZanni, to craft an entirely new wardrobe.

We visited the studio/closet/home of producer Lily Verlaine to see some of the latest garb and chat about future styles with her, Seymour, and coproducer Jasper McCann. Check out the glamorous behind-the-scenes snaps and commentary below.

Image: Jenni Moore

Verlaine's closet (which doubles as a lofted guest room) is a treasure trove of years of performances alongside her still-elegant daily wear. 

Producers Lily Verlaine and Jasper McCann ogling the newest costume addition to the Land of the Sweets lineup.

This year, Verlaine steps in as the Snow Queen, replacing Miss Indigo Blue who will sit out this run. And with a new Snow Queen comes a brand new costume, complete with a Swarovski crystal neckpiece handmade by Seymour.

Worn during a sexy Spanish scene you won't find in the PNB version, Seymour engineered a special trick for this matador's blouse that you'll need to see in action.

Image: Jenni Moore

Verlaine shows off one of the surviving costumes from the show's first run nine years ago. 

Another "trick" thought up by the costumers (this time from Louise DiLenge, head of ZinZani's costume shop): working peacock feathers for Verlaine's signature coffee-cup number.

Image: Jenni Moore

Even the Rat King is getting a do-over with a new bedazzled crown and updated choreography. Other numbers seeing a refresh: the doll scene featuring ballerina Christina Stockdale from the Las Vegas Ballet, and a new aerial act starring Poppy Daze.

And for the big "ta-da!" we were on hand to see Verlaine step into her first fitting at the Snow Queen. See it all come together for yourself  at the show's debut tonight, December 11 and playing through 27 at the Triple Door downtown (tickets—which often sell out—are $40 to $65).