Seattle-based Tarboo is perhaps best know for its locally made lineup of men's button-ups. Oh, and there are the cool canvas tote bags, the soft tees, and winter-worthy beanies

And next: denim. That is, if owner Matt Noren has his way.

Image via Tarboo's Kickstarter page

Noren just launched a Kickstarter campaign, hoping to raise $50,000 to build a denim factory and start producing high-quality jeans in our own backyard. "Originally, I wanted to produce jeans, not shirts, but the machinery and expertise are much more complicated to produce high quality jeans," he told us. "Now that we've grown as much as we have over the past five years, we're ready to tackle this next endeavor."

The $50k is enough to build the factory, plus purchase the denim for an initial run and all new equipment for producing jeans, which require a lot of specialty machinery. 

Donate $100 to the campaign and receive one of the first pairs of jeans (plus the feel-goodness of knowing you helped a local business) by June of next year. A donation of $25 gets you a chambray bandana and a nice thank-you note from Noren.



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