No matter how many pairs of shoes I have (i.e. too many) I will inevitability end up putting on an outfit one day and then rummage through stacks of pumps, platforms, and oxfords wishing that I had, say, a pair of white and gold booties with a two-inch heel and a neon orange zipper.

Turns out, some shoes just don't exist.

At least, they don't exist...yet. Australia-based online brand Shoes of Prey has teamed up with Nordstrom to help solve the case of the mythical booties (sandals, ballet flats, etc.) with an in-house design studio in the Bellevue Nordstrom shoe department.

Shoppers use iPads to pick from 12 different styles and 170 different materials to design custom shoes using the Shoes of Prey 3-D interface. Expert stylists are on hand to help with the whole process, and shoes will be shipped in around four weeks. Prices start at $129 and range upwards based on style and materials.

Shoes of Prey paired with Mad Men costume designer Janie Bryant to create these ready-to-wear styles.
Image via Shoes of Prey

And aside from creating unique-to-you shoes, think how well this works for bridal parties, for those of us with odd shoe sizes (Shoes of Prey sizes range from 2.5 to 15), and for pairing with hard-to-match outfits.

But wait! There's more:
Enter to win 12 pairs of custom shoes through the online design competition. Simply upload an outfit, design a pair of complimentary shoes, and submit by Sunday, November 16 at 8am for your chance to win a new pair for every month next year.

The design studio opens on Friday, November 21 with opening weekend activities through Sunday, November 23.



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