Someone brought up to me recently just how wonderful it is that we live in a time, and a place, where our basic needs are so easily met that we now have the time and platform to give a louder voice to issues that have been on the fringe, or lacked a united front—I'm looking at you LGBT rights, ALS, and, recently in particular, domestic violence.

And I don't mean to say that there isn't tremendous headway to be made for these and other causes, but there's an energy and a momentum that's growing more palpable as many of us are freed up by technology and industry and dinner-delivery services.

Which is why, aside from Macklemore (we'll get to that below), I'm stoked on next month's Runway to Freedom fashion show and fundraiser. 

The 2013 Runway to Freedom catwalk.
Image via Runway to Freedom's Instagram

Now in its fifth year, the event brings together Seattle designers and musicians for a fashion show and auction benefiting Mary's Place, a local nonprofit shelter that provides housing and resources for women and children fleeing emergency situations like domestic abuse.

Looks hitting the Showbox at the Market stage will include pieces from Boho Republic, bridal designer Justin Zachary, Jamie Von Stratton, and more.

As for that local Grammy Award–winning hip-hop artist by the name of Macklemore (heard of him?): he isn't set to perform but will be on hand before the show for a meet-and-greet with guests who purchase VIP access ($250; general admission: $75).

Purchase tickets online for the November 14 event. Meet Macklemore starting at 6:00; doors for general admission open at 7:00.


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