Wedding Wednesday

Stunning Wedding Documentary Portrait: One Great Thing

Here's what happens when a Seattle wedding photographer is in the right place at the right time.

By Laura Cassidy September 17, 2014

Our latest Great Thing comes courtesy of a lovely forest wedding—but not a Northwest forest wedding. Instead, the photographer, Tyler Ray, is from this region, and his image is reason enough to celebrate it here.

The couple: Denise Liberi and Matt Steiger
The wedding: June 21, 20014 at Humboldt Redwoods State Park in Northern California
The day in three words from the couple: "Intimate, natural, humble"
The event in the eyes of the photographer: "Matt and Denise's wedding was in essence a weekend long camp-out with their closest family and friends. They did everything right. I like weddings because of the community and I like elopements because of how focused they are; this weddings has the best elements of both."

Image: Tyler Ray

One great thing: The stunning image above. As the bride recalls, "During the reception, my sister-in-law dared us to climb to the top of that tree and Tyler seized the moment to capture the picture." It's as simple as that: the right place at the right time.

Image: Tyler Ray

Other elements that support the mood and the lasting impact of the image: "My mom made all the boutonnières, corsages, and floral decorations from flowers and other greenery that she scavenged from the park." says the bride. "Also, the two tables where we all ate dinner were made out of fallen redwoods. They were 48 feet long!"


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