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The Met Set: 4 Editor Must-Haves for August (Back-to-School Edition)

Sharpen your pencils and take note.

Edited by Amanda Zurita August 18, 2014

While we here refuse to believe that summer is shutting down (at least give us through September, please?), little ones and college students alike are soon trading lake days for language classes. To send them back in style the Shop Talk team rounded up our favorite school supplies and cool kids gear.

Take some notes on our selections below.

Amanda Zurita, Assistant Style Editor
"I am totally guilty of trying to craft my nieces and nephews into little plaid-clad hipsters. So in lieu of a Frozen-themed backpack, this year I'd like to see those munchkins head off to school sporting an oversized waxed canvas bag ($175-$225) from local line Wooly Bison, available on Etsy. The durable pack will last them through high school, when they'll surely thank me for keeping them cool all these years." 

Image via Wooly Bison

Emma Ranniger, Style Intern
"With hometown friends starting up their own families, I now have a reason to go in search of hip children's gear. Enter Canning's Jar Game ($48) from Digs: a distinctively Northwest adaptation of Barrel of Monkeys that uses linking antlers instead of chimps. No need to store this game in your kid's toy box, the ceramic lid topped with an elk will fool everyone, so use it as a cool decor piece until you need it to distract the wee ones."

Image via Digs

Laura Cassidy, Style Editor
"By most accounts, back-to-school shopping for kids is a big drag but I can't help but think that Reina Acab is doing her part to change that. Put it this way: If her mini-me line of Rick Owens–esque kids styles, Meme, can make even me wish (just a little) that I had a pre-K tyke to outfit, well, that's saying something. Good thing I can more easily steal from her men's line, Le Notre. Confidential to the super talented designer: I'm crossing fingers for a women's collection next. Please?"

Image: Avi Loud

 Conor Romack, Editorial Intern
"Walking that shaky line between student and journalist, my notebooks have come to be some of my dearest friends. With classes beginning again this fall, I plan to enter my final year with a little something extra. Enter: R&L Goods moleskin notebook covers ($28). Simple, sleek, refillable, and featuring a built-in slot for a pencil—what more could I ask? You can find them at the Frye shop or at Ballard's (soon to be Pioneer Square's) Velouria, which currently houses a limited run of covers featuring artwork by local painter Jenny Vorwaller." 

Image via the Frye Museum Store



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