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DIY Retro Jam Favors: One Great Thing

In our new series, One Great Thing, we're talking to couples about the elements that made their day complete.

By Laura Cassidy August 13, 2014

New series! We're singling out one thing per celebration—so hard, we know!—and letting the newlyweds tell us just how it was done so that we can pass that on to you.

The couple: Nomi Stirm and Daniel Coltrane
The wedding: May 17, 2014 at Washington Park Arboretum, Graham Visitor Center
In their words: "Danny and I met and started dating in high-school so our wedding was a big culmination of our 16 year relationship. We really wanted to play off of our history of being high-school sweethearts, since it was such a shock to our friends and family that we were finally getting married. We accomplished this by having all of the signage have a playful schoolhouse feeling; I hand-lettered the chalkboards myself. "
One great thing: DIY Jam favors that "harkened back to childhood memories of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches."

How they made it happen: "I have been to so many weddings where you get favors that you just don't know what to do with or you end up putting it in a box and completely forgetting about it. Danny and I wanted to avoid that dilemma, we wanted our favors to be something that guest would actually use and enjoy. We ended up going with miniature jams and honey from a company we use everyday, Bon Maman. We would have loved to make our own but with all of the other planning going on we felt it was a practical choice for us—we also have never made our own jams so we also felt like we know our guest were going to receive something we knew to be tasty and good."
Advice for other couples: I recommend this route for the DIY bride [or groom! —editors] who is short on time and is budget-conscious. The jams and honeys can easily be ordered online.





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