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I Flipped For It

For guest favors and a good time, call Flipped Out Productions

November 4, 2009

Page 1: A great wedding favor idea

The totals have been tallied from last week’s Get Hitched Give Hope; a whopping 35k was raised, and many Seattle-area couples made great matches with just the right vendors. Among the vendors supporting the cause and going beyond the beyond to capture clients and share their talents was Flipped Out Productions. I totally flipped for them — as did everyone else.

Here’s the deal: You and your best friend or your Uncle Dave or the guy you’ve only been dating for two weeks but oh what the heck, bring him to your sister’s officemate’s roommate’s wedding anyway dig into a box full of props — feather boas, silly signs, blow-up saxophones, giant sunglasses — (or not) and then step in front of a video camera and prepare for action. For five seconds – yep, just five seconds – you generally act a fool and forget how cool you are.

Next, you go get another peach-colored cocktail from the bar, run into some more friends, then return to the Flipped Out Booth where owner Josh Hershfield and his crew have made still images from the five-second video, printed them out, and bound them in a little flip-book.

Then, you totally flip out again. Because you’re just that cute in stop-motion, no matter how cool you are.

Here’s a little little short video of a flip book starring me and Dixie Duncan, SMB&G’s star sales and marketing wiz. Since we approach the magazine from different sides, Dixie and I don’t really work together, which means we have more fun having fun together. As our flip book clearly shows.

I brought a recently engaged girlfriend (she asked him so there you go) to GHGH with me and we made a flip book, too. (I think everyone there starred in at least two. They. are. addictive.) After flipping through it I immediately got all up in her business insisting that this is what she and her to-be need for guest favors at their wedding next summer. I’ve tried not to push too much "professional advice" in her face but everyone at GHGH was having so much fun in the booth — and with the finished product, that you just can’t help but want to share the experience with 200 of your nearest and dearest.

You give the Flipped Out folks a design to use for the front and back cover and they’ll wrap it around each of the flip books at your event.

I’m sorta considering getting married again just so I can hire these guys. Well, okay maybe not but look — if you opt for this fun and memorable guest favor at your next big shindig — whether it’s a wedding, a birthday, or a holiday party, let me know, k? I’d love to come crash it. And make another flip book.


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