A Perfect Party with a Champion Bull Rider and a Magical Labradoodle

Here’s who else we’d invite if we could entertain November’s most interesting visitors and locals.

By Rosin Saez Illustrations by Jane Sherman November 26, 2019 Published in the December 2019 issue of Seattle Met

From left to right: Azure Savage, Lisa Daugaard, Jim Lemberg, Laura Moore, and Albus Dumbledog.

Image: Jane Sherman

Azure Savage

Seattle Public Schools got a bad report card from this high schooler and self-published author of You Failed Us. SPS, there’s still time to score a good grade.

Lisa Daugaard

She’s the executive director of the Public Defender Association, a criminal justice reformer, and a recent MacArthur “Genius.” Our resume just lit itself on fire.

Jim Lemberg

Anacortes hired this project manager to run its municipal broadband pilot program—the first of its kind in Washington. Psst, can we have the Wi-Fi password?

Laura Moore

WSU’s equestrian coach was a dark horse to wrangle the world’s top mechanical bull rider title. The prize: cowboy-level bragging rights and a big belt buckle.

Albus Dumbledog

A local labradoodle might have cast a spell to land on this year’s national list of wackiest pet names. Still, throw this dog a bone.

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