September 24 and the city's biggest independent designer event is going to be here before we know it. Time to stop by the box office, folks.

As a sort of runway amuse-bouche, we're introducing you to each of the ten IDRS contestants. Up this week: former Glam.spoon blogger and forever expert thrifter Tina Witherspoon and her free-spirited line BOHO Republic.

Tina Witherspoon of BOHO Republic. Selfie via the designer.

Portfolio Pieces 

Recycled Tulle Cocktail Dress
"For an event in 2012 I needed something fancy to wear, so I took a simple dress and added rows and rows of recycled tulle. I've always been fond of volume and classic silhouettes."

The Madison Dress
"This was my first attempt at designing fabric and I loved it. I started with a photograph, then cropped it, changed some of the colors, created a mirrored repeat, and had it printed on cotton voile. I can't wait to do more of this."

The Day-to-Night Jumpsuit
"I have always been a big fan of jumpsuits for their comfort and convenience, so I had to add my version to BOHO Republic Spring 2014 capsule collection. Complete with pockets, wide legs, and adjustable ties."

Low-back Maxi Dress in Cotton Shirting Fabric
"I like to push the boundaries of glamour and volume so I designed a very low-backed dress with a wide boatneck and two layers of peplum-type ruffles on the bottom. It's a look that will get attention, but it's still amazingly comfortable."

Inspired By...

"I love the dichotomy of street and couture. The play of casual and glamour is the main inspiration for my line, so I love this editorial image of Chloe Moretz from Teen Vogue."

Image via Teen Vogue

"Barbra Streisand was my earliest influence both for her bold style and fearlessness. There is so much to take away from this still shot from the movie A Star is Born. It could single-handedly bring back the turban."

Image via Pinterest

Potential Client

"My current style icon is Nicole Richie. Her life and image have totally eclipsed the days with gal-pal Paris, and she's become the poster child for the modern bohemian woman. She takes risks but they always pay off. I'd love to see her in BOHO Republic." 

Image via Glamour

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