Notions of Beauty Exhibition Spotlights Seattle Fashion Photographers

Portland Art Institute hosts Seattle fashion photographers and new, emerging ideas on beauty, style, trends, and imagery.

By Laura Cassidy and Emma Ranniger April 22, 2014

If there was ever a reason for the style-and fashion-obsessed to road trip to Portland, this is it: Seattle photographers, designers, and artists show their most evocative, provocative work in Portland Art Institute's Notions of Beauty from May 1 through June 1.

An opening party on Thursday May 1 from 5 to 8, with an after party at the Sentinel Hotel's Jackknife, is open to daytrippers and weekend visitors.

Courtesty Notions of Beauty

The exhibit, which features Northwest fashion folk including Portland folk, New York-based artists with Northwest roots, and Seattle brains such as Carmen Daneshmandi, Ashley Helvey, Elizabeth Rudge, and April Brimer, is rooted in a sort of chicken and egg thing.

Does the omnipresent force of fashion photography (and fashionable photography) drive the churning machinery of fast fashion and clothing design? Does clothing design fuel our instatiable need for imagery? Do trends dictate #OOTD looks or do #OOTD shots dictate trends?

Courtesty Notions of Beauty

Curator Christine Taylor believes, as we do, that there's a valuable point of view being charmed and coaxed here in the upper left hand corner, and central to her process of putting together this show was the question, "What is the independent creative testimony behind contemporary fashion photography?"

Via press release, Taylor notes: "'Notions of Beauty' attests to the Cascadia region's extraordinary image makers dedicated to fashion; those who have developed a regular practice exploring allurement to make their own testimonies on beauty."

Don't go thinking you'll be looking at fashion images. Don't go thinking you won't be looking at fashion images. Go expecting to experience something better, other, and in-between.

For more on the show, which will be at the Steven Goldman Gallery, visit the Notions of Beauty website.



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