At the new year I was tasked with completing 50 of Pure Barre's ballet-based interval classes in a mere 60 days. If I could complete the challenge, owner Sami Sweeny vowed to donate $500 to Get Hitched Give Hope, a nonprofit composed of local wedding professionals dedicated to raising money for important causes.

Well, I finally huffed and puffed my way to the finish line nailed it

Assistant style editor Amanda Zurita and Pure Barre studio manager Dana Fior

Charity is a great motivator. From now on I'm going to pretend everything I do is for charity. I'm actually persuading myself to continue attending Pure Barre regularly by acting as if the challenge isn't even over and I'm just weeks away from a big check for GHGH.

Try it: The next time you have a lofty goal, imagine that you're helping someone in need by completing it. Better yet, actually commit to donating to your choice charity, even just a small amount. Everyone wins.

In this case, Get Hitched Give Hope and its incredible work with the Dream Foundation and Young Survivors Coalition come out on top. I'm very happy to have made a sweat-drenched contribution to the cause. More so, hats off to Sweeney for her generosity, and all the Queen Anne–location instructors for encouraging me and keeping me accountable.

Start your own fitness regime at any of four local Barre locations—I suppose I should also mention that after 50 classes I'm in pretty kickass shape—and check out the five things I learned during the challenge. And workout or not, be sure to keep up with Get Hitched Give Hope and all of its uplifting events, including the annual wedding gala later this year.


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