Tariqa Waters moved to Seattle in the summer of 2012 with her two kids and guitar-playing husband—as in, he tours with Sade and Prince, okay?—and scooped the city on the Pioneer Square revival. The early adapter to the whole Hottest Neighborhood on the West Coast thing is also a gifted (and innovative) painter, so her next move was to create an art gallery in her building's stairwell. Get in where you fit in, right? Martyr Sauce, as the space is known, even has its own mascot of sorts; bottles of the stuff (they're empty) are available for sale on the website. Waters cuts a pretty dramatic figure when she's out at happenings—her own and others—so we couldn't resist talking to her about her look.

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Wearing I am a sucker for “mom jean” comfort with a little Peggy Bundy trashy-glam mixed in. My new (repeat offender) favorite pants are an online find but there are great shops right in the heart of Pioneer Square. My Levi's jean jacket is from, in my opinion, the best vintage shop in Seattle, Bon Voyage. My switchblade necklace is from E. Smith Mercantile. Velouria in Ballard is where I snagged my rad ring. The shoes I found in this crazy little boutique in Nice, France. 

 Your style in three words Emotional, impractical, unstable. (To be clear I’m just describing my style.)

Closet you'd most like to raid GRACE JONES, hands down! No tellin’ what you’re liable to find in there. But it would have to be with Grace Jones. With Grace, a few bottles of wine, and a camera!


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