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Shop It: Hope Chest, a Wedding Garage Sale for Get Hitched Give Hope

Take advantage of gently used discarded items from recently married folks all over the Seattle area at this innovative and inspiring fundraising garage sale.

By Laura Cassidy February 12, 2014

Never is the idea that one person's trash another person's treasure more applicable than in the wedding world.

Why? Let's break it down.

-"Used," in this category definitely means "gently used." Like, probably for one night and one night only.

-If you're wedding-planning right now, you know that "engaged" is a synonym for "acquiring." Couples get, get, get, and get some more, and sometimes (oftentimes) end up with things that don't use simply because they changed their minds or ended up with more than they needed.

-There's a goodwill spirit weaving through this community; their wedding was wonderful, they want yours to be, too.

Gowns, hairpieces, linens, decor pieces, favor boxes, and general goodwill and upcycling opportunities can be yours at Hope Chest, the biggest and best wedding-themed garage sale.

We recently told you about the chance to donate your wedding items to a good cause, and now it's time to shop the loot.

Get ready to power shop Hope Chest on Sunday, February 23 at Utina Wardroom.

From candlesticks to cake plates, from fashion to found objects, the Get Hitched Give Hope crew has combed through the slew of donations and primed the best and brightest for the one-day spree.

Entrance is free but you need to register via Eventbrite; all proceeds benefit GHGH's charities, the Dream Foundation and Young Survival Coalition.


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