Hangout Shop at Love City Love

Join Blackbird, Neon Zinn, Glasswing, Semi Good Design, Chloe Touran, Crisp Creperie, Percy's and Co. and more for a new kind of shopportunity. The popup is dead. Long live the popup!

By Laura Cassidy February 28, 2014

There's a new kind of popup shop—new because I just invented it a few minutes ago. It's called a hangout shop, and the first ever is happening on Saturday March 8 from 2 until 7 at Love City Love.

I'm calling the event Long Story, because it sort of is, but what the hell let me give you the download: I was asked to curate a private popup shop for a group headed our way with the supercool travel mag Afar (home to one of the coolest art directors in the biz), and I figured what's good for visitors is great for us, so after the visitors split, we're hanging out and having a party.

And you should join us.

In anticipation of the May 3 Mobile Food Rodeo, the Crisp Creperie truck will pull in, back up, and fire up the grill, and the fine folks from Percy's and Co will fix and pour drinks, because what's an afternoon hangout in the city with a cocktail.

So figure us in to your Saturday afternoon post- and pre-party plans.

Oh and the shopping? Yes, the shopping. And the designers, and the folks who make and do with Northwest materials.

Blackbird and their scents, incense, and modern apothecary will be at Love City Love on March 8.

Including but certainly not limited to artisans and goods from Semi Good Design, Neon Zinn, Paper Hammer, April Pride, Chloe Touran, Akiko's Pottery, Rachel Ravitch, and Joanna Morgan, this group represents some of the most exported and exportable talent in the city right now.

Meet Neon Zinn artist Seth Damm at Love City Love on Saturday March 8.

Whether you're looking to shop, drink, eat, and/or meet up with friends, this is the start of something new in Seattle. There's been a lot of talk about stylish changes and fashionable shifts around here lately, and this time the party to celebrate it all is open to everyone

Look for updates and additions by following me on Instagram and Facebook, and please plan to come hang out.

Plant life and more from Chloe Touran at Love City Love on Saturday March 8.


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