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Holiday Item of the Moment: Neon Zinn

Local artist Seth Damm creates excellently hued rope sculptures for your neck or your wall.

By Laura Cassidy November 30, 2012

There are statement necklaces, and then there are Statement Necklaces.

The vibrantly hued hand-made rope necklaces in a collection called Neon Zinn by Seattle artist Seth Damm at Far 4 sometimes make such a statement that you have to say it on your wall, not your body.


"I like to think of them less as accessories and more as enhancements," Damm told me. "They have a weight and softness that other jewelry doesn't have, and they can transform an entire outfit."

"As the work grows more sophisticated and refined, I've become more conscious of lines and colors and the rhythm of the pieces; these considerations give each necklace the added feature of being a stand alone sculptural piece, on a wall or a surface. Just think of walking out of the house to an event and taking one of these off the wall and slipping it on."

Or think of a friend slipping one on.

While some of the all-organic cotton rope pieces have the power to become an entire outfit (some might say they overpower the outfit), others are definitely super wearable and if not exactly subtle than definitely chic.


Courtesy Far 4

Neon Zinn represents the artist's first foray into the clothing and accessories category.

"My father is a carpenter so I was raised with all the buzzing and noise of his shop attached to our house," he says. "I think it was only natural that I would start to think about installations and building structures that would further expand my ideas. With my performance art, I began to take more risks as an artist, and to become aware of my body and personality as 'materials' to be considered in the making of art. I know this sounds like a convoluted path, but this is how I got to rope jewelry. In some ways, I feel these necklaces hold all of these disparate paths together in one distinct new form."

New form, indeed—one we're happy to watch take shape.





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